Graphic and Web Design 

We specialize in designing custom visuals for print and digital use. From flyers to catalogs, event banners and websites. Let’s work together to create something great! 

  • Layout Design: Magazines, Catalogs, Books
  • Packaging: Boxes, Labels, Tags
  • Stationery: Business Cards, Letterhead
  • Brochures / Flyers / Handouts
  • Display Ads / Print Ads
  • Promotional displays, Posters
  • Corporate event visuals (banners, booths etc.)
  • ​Website visuals, Social media visuals
  • Marketing Campaign visuals​
  • Newsletter visuals and template setup
  • Book cover design and page formatting 
  • Landing page or multi-page websites

    We offer bank of hours packages with no expiry date! Use the hours in a week, a month or several years!

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