We specialize in helping businesses with their creative needs.

Whether you have an internal marketing and or graphics department or not,
The Creative Studio can offer support.

Branding Services

Our team of creatives are there to help bring your business ideas to life through branded and meaningful visuals and strategies that help make an impact with your target audience.

Graphic and Website Design

Our in-house team and freelancers specialize in designing custom visuals for print and digital use. From flyers to catalogs, event banners and websites. 

Marketing & Social Media

We deliver hassle-free advertising strategies and support for newsletter, social media, campaigns and paid ads. For individuals and businesses who want to make a visual impact with their target audience.

Website Hosting and IT Services

Our IT department takes care of website hosting, domain name procurement, email account setup and various IT support needs. Have an IT problem? Let us help you!

Business Management tools

Do you work with a team and have several projects going at the same time? Do you have everything organized in a central system that makes life easy? If not, ask us about our client, project and team management tools. You won’t regret it! 

Creative Consulting

Does your team need creative direction? Our creative directors are available for consulting;
for a one-time project or long-term support, we’re here to help create, generate and motivate teams to efficiently produce quality work.

Collaborator Services

We are dedicated to helping your business grow by offering a variety of different collaborator services!

We offer bank of hours packages with no expiry date! Use the hours in a week, a month or several years!

We provide creative solutions to help grow your business